About the firm

About the firm

What is Blasson?

BLASSON is an investment manager for real estate projects in Spain and Portugal.

We believe in the value of uniqueness, quality and a job well done. Thanks to our years of experience in the real estate investment sector, we develop high-quality assets, working closely with our investors, partners, institutions and the most exclusive international hotel operators.

Our whole team comprises a coherent, profoundly honest group of experts with a truly entrepreneurial spirit, determined to create sustainable, lasting value.

One of our great strengths is knowledge and an active understanding of real estate markets and their fluctuations, equipping us to develop innovative and consistent levers.

Our team

Francisco J. Meliá

Founding Partner

Corporate leadership and investor relations. Responsible for the corporate and financial management of the company, the structuring of transactions and the relationship with our investors.

Enrique Benjumea

Founding Partner

Leadership of projects and transactions. Responsible for all aspects of the assets under our management including comprehensive control and coordination of their development and operation phases.

Antonio Pan de Soraluce

Founding Partner

Business development and search for opportunities. Support for partners in the development of the business. Expert in analysis of opportunities, market trends, due diligence and closing of operations.

Cristian Rodríguez

Development & Asset Management Director

Macarena Mendieta

Corporate Director

Jorge Abreu

Technical Director

Camilo Travesedo

Technical Director

Álvaro Mendoza

Director of Bontekue

Iván Escrivá de Romaní

Acquisitions Director

Sergio Jiménez

Project Director Punta Negra

Íñigo Gordillo

Project Director Madrid

Pilar Cabrera

Project Director Dehesa

Manuel Crespo

Project Director Valencia

Ramón Valls

Senior Hospitality Asset Manager

Ana de Garay


Valeria Wüger

Investment Associate

Gabriela Escudero

Office, Marketing & Communications Manager

We have deep expertise in the Iberian market due to our track record and our constant and painstaking analysis to detect opportunities and trends.

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Through our asset management division, we offer a unique combination of analytical expertise and hands-on experience to our investment partners with a focus on enhancing the profitability, value, and potential of each asset.

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We have real experts who advise your company at any stage of the project, based on a business model with a very important “WIN-WIN” component.

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